AI MONET LUXEMBOURG offers unparalleled expertise in advisory and wealth management for individuals and families living in Europe. Our mission is to give our clients the peace of mind that their affairs are well run and in good order and become a source of quitude in their lives. rather than a burden and a source of anguish. Our ultimate goal is to create long-term value, and in a specialized, relationship-centric business like ours, we rely on our operational and management expertise and our global network of high-quality relationships rather and also on our financial engineering to generate value.
The majority of our direct investment opportunities are brought to us through our extensive network.

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Our Philosophy

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We help you identify your goals and evaluate where you are relative to those goals. A fully comprehensive analysis of your financial portfolio allows us to evaluate your options and recommend strategies to help you reach your goals.

We have cultivated professional relationships with first class specialists around the world, that today make up our network of strategic partners. Through this partnership our clients can access the best financial, legal and fiduciary resources.

Personalized Support

Our Family Office solutions integrate the management of your wealth in the broad sense of the term: analysis of the services provided by service providers, regular information to the family, tax optimization, support in real estate affairs, planning for your retirement and succession, etc. The Family Office is part of the DNA of our holding. Thanks to our long and solid experience in this field, you benefit from our know-how. You get fast, professional, personalized and confidential answers, in all circumstances.

Partnership, Reliability And Discretion

We see the relationship with our clients as a close partnership, dedicated to the success of their family. Trust, which is to be earned, is the central driving force of this partnership. In the process we always act in close consultation with the family's decision-makers. Agreements made with us are absolutely reliable, and information shared with the company will always be treated with the utmost care and discretion.


Wealth planning comprises the strategic structuring of wealth based on existing assets, the family's current situation and its future plans. In an initial assessment we analyse the existing composition and structure of financial and real assets, as well as the current family situation and existing or yet to be developed future plans. The aim of the analysis is to develop the optimal future organisation under the consideration of wealth building and wealth protection, taxes and succession planning. The substantive target structure may involve one or more legal entities in different jurisdictions, including for example corporations, foundations or life insurance policies. In terms of succession planning the structure shall, among other things, reconcile factors such as the needs, wishes and values of the family's current decision center with intergenerational considerations

In the context of wealth planning, a corporation will be considered primarily as a non-operative holding company. A holding company is often chosen to group different equity holdings under a common (tax) umbrella. Typical corporate forms are the stock corporation and the limited liability company. When choosing a domicile, security and tax considerations will be substantial. From a tax point of view, special funds of different legal regimes can be as suitable as the life insurance in order to manage financial instruments. On one hand, a special fund solution is significantly more flexible when it comes to interim distributions or withdrawals; on the other hand, it requires a more complex structure, may therefore involve higher costs, and should only be considered if the initial investment base suffices. Special funds are very well suited for cases where several family members are to participate independently of one another in the performance of the fund.

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